Have you ever sent your weekly bulletin to us for printing only to have a late addition or update come up after the fact? Have you ever wanted to reach your parishioners between Sundays to share vital news or important notices? ePublications can help!

It’s easy. Once you register your parish with ePublications, simply provide us with your parishioner email list or direct your parishioners to subscribe to email alerts here.

When parishioners register, they must select which communications they want to receive from you. From there, J.S. Paluch will maintain your mailing list for you, including parishioner requests to unsubscribe.

Then, begin creating your publication! Your publication can have an unlimited number of pages, and an infinite number of colors, and you can use graphics like clip art and photographs, including those found in our J.S. Paluch Subscriber Resource Center or your own, to your heart’s content. Save your document as a PDF using Adobe® Acrobat® and upload your file and your work is done. Your email will be sent within a few hours of you uploading your file. (Please note that your parishioners will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader® to view your publication. This is available as a free download from https://get.adobe.com/reader/).

e-Paluch - Integrating Tradition with Technology to Serve the Catholic Community
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